Barack Obama Charter School

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Charter Schools

What Is Special About a Charter School?

Many charter schools have a unique curriculum or theme. This theme could range from a special language instruction to an emphasis on arts or science. Strict discipline and uniforms is a usual requirement.

The BOCS theme is based on the award winning  Re-Inventing Schools Coalition model.

Can My Student Attend a Charter School?

A student does not have to reside within the attendance boundaries of a charter school. If your child has an interest in exploring specific curriculum and a particular charter school has a unique offering within this area, your child may apply for admission. You could live fifteen miles from the school and qualify for enrollment. This is one of the positive attributes of a charter school.

What Is the School's Financial Stability?

Even charter schools that succeed academically may struggle financially. In theory, the tax dollars spent to educate your child will follow them to the charter school. Often times such things as special facilities and student transportation must be funded from the charter school itself. Parents are often expected to assist with fund raising to support the school's mission.

Charter School Overview

Charter schools are public schools that are responsive to students' needs and are held accountable for improved student achievement.

The Charter Schools Act of 1992 gives charter schools the freedom to make quick and effective changes to respond to student's needs.

Charter Schools...

Barack Obama Charter School (BOCS) was awarded a charter from the State of California Department of Education in Fall 2008. We are a member of the California Charter Schools Association.

Charter School Momentum

There are currently 750 charter schools serving 276,000 charter school students in California. Over the past 10 years, California charter schools have consistently grown by an average of 50 schools a year. Charter schools serve a mix of students similar to those in California 's traditional public schools.

Charter School Achievements

Research shows charter schools do a better job increasing student achievement than traditional public schools.3 Over 460 charter schools in California are committed to standards and accountability through the Certified Charter Schools Program. Charter school parents cited challenging curriculum and individualized student attention as key reasons for their high level of satisfaction according to a 2007 University of Southern California (USC) field study.4

More information from California Charter Schools Association - click on file link below.